Spiral Praxis Movement Center

Situated in Toronto, Canada, the Spiral Movement Center is a unique somatics-based studio that offers revolutionary internal flow interventions for health, well-being and creative exploration.  Founded by somatics pioneers Stephanie Gottlob & Yuji Oka, SMC provides highly individualized Spiral Praxis services in chronic injury rehabilitation, movement re-education and therapy, somatic psychotherapy, postural ergonomics, athletic training, and creative exploration.

Spiral Praxis is a paradigm-shifting somatics discipline, presenting unique internal flow techniques not taught anywhere else in the world. Based on simple self-directed awareness activities, practitioners of Spiral Praxis can learn how to become more grounded, in-tune, and creative—think of it as a modern Western yoga for body and mind. For serious students and professionals, SMC also offers the Spiral Praxis Advanced Studies program, an 800 hour somatics certification program  that was recently approved by the International Somatics Movement Education and Therapy Association.  This intensive study of contemporary flow techniques is perfect for those who wish to learn more about the beauty & power of modern internal bodymind exploration.

In this young & growing website, you will find information about the philosophy and methodology of Spiral Praxis. We hope to add more material in the coming years to provide fundamental bodymind information for people from all walks of life. Register for free to receive the Spiral Movement Center newsletter and check back frequently (or subscribe to our Spiral Praxis Facebook fan page) for upcoming events and workshops.

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Website: http://spiralpraxis.org/