May 2-26 2013: Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival

The Riverdale Hub and the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival 2013 are pleased to present Dislocations at the Riverdale Hub Community Art Gallery from May 2 – 26, 2013. Curated by Sevan Injejikian and Annie Sakkab, Dislocations brings together established and emerging artists and highlights their aesthetic engagements with cultural dislocation. Meral Pasha, Mona Kamal, Jin-me Yoon, Brett Gundlock, Annie Sakkab, and Jamelie Hassan engage with particular kinds of uprootings and regroundings that are embodied and specific. They investigate how movement has become a mode of being in the world during an era of globalization.

The Riverdale Hub’s focus on employing the transformative power of art to engage the community in dialogue and create change, makes its new Community Art Gallery the ideal site for this exhibition which focuses on the migratory experiences of marginalized subjects. This exhibition – like The Hub – aims to create a dialogue between the work of documentary photographers and visual artists, as well as between the women and youth who frequent the Centre and the Festival’s diverse public.

Click here to download and pass along The Hub’s press release in anticipation of Dislocations!

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