Resin Workshop

You will be working on a print from a digital file that you provide. Proper mounting techniques and preparing artworks for resin coating. We will be mounting your print on a 16″ by 20″ wood panel/canvas that you will be able to take home with you. If you plan on working from other media, please contact so that the necessary preparations are ready.

Topics covered include: All the necessary tools and where to get them cheap. Applicationtechniques and secret techniques for ‘bubble removal’. Refining, sanding and further finishing of dried artwork. How to fix mistakes and other problems.

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Work clothes, a digital file to print from

COST: $225 (includes free 16′” by 20″ artwork that you have produced)

We offer sessions all year round. For future classes, please check back 1 to 2 months prior to the start dates.

Please check CLASS SCHEDULE for class dates, availability, instructor and to register.

If you know the schedule dates you wish to register, you can REGISTER HERE 

Please CONTACT us  if you have any questions or require more information.

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