Our little parkette

Two years ago, I chose a little parkette as my personal project.

It had been terribly neglected over the years, used as a dumping ground for unwanted furniture and garbage and who knows what else.
Perhaps it was the quaint view of the garden shop, it certainly didn’t hurt because people began using the park! Elderly folks resting from their walk, mom’s with their strollers, young lovers holding hands. Believe me…it was noticeable!

So, I began a bi weekly 311 call, requesting a clean up of the grass and litter, replacement of the second bench and a garbage can.
A few months later the missing bench was installed but I was told there would never, ever be a garbage can because the parkette was a known dumping ground.
One summer day, with obviously nothing better to do, I went with my rake, painted the benches (in dire need of painting again, I’m on it!) planted ‘plastic’ flowers from the dollar store, put out a little garbage can and picked up the litter.


That lasted about a month, I found everything bundled up in a corner of the park.( I knew the plastic flowers were a bit desperate).
Yes, I was offended but continued to call every few months for the garbage can and eventually connected with our Ward Park Supervisor, Collette who promised to keep things moving forward.

Last month I noticed a cement pad between the benches… and lo and behold, last week…it appeared!
I swear, I thought I heard angels singing

So please, when you pass by our little parkette and see a discarded candy wrapper or a coffee cup please pick it up and put it in the can. I would really appreciate that.