October 3 2013: Community Planning Open House

Morse St. Public School, 180 Carlaw Ave Toronto, ON

Ward 30 is a unique and vibrant community in Toronto. How will it look in 10, 20 or 30 years? Five Planning Studies are underway which will help shape the communities we want. Join the conversation:

Riverside Heritage Conservation District
The streetscape on Queen St. East highlights our ward’s rich heritage, and a conservation district will protect the character and built form of the neighbourhood.

Port Lands Planning
Our opportunity to build a vibrant, shared waterfront neighbourhood that creates jobs, supports recreation, and improves access to our lakefront.

Carlaw-Dundas Study
This neighbourhood has grown in size to be a bustling and creative community. It’s time to review streetscape, green space, transit and public realm opportunities.

Queen St. East in Leslieville Study
Leslieville is one of Toronto’s most popular neighbourhoods, and we have to protect what makes it so special. This study will establish design guidelines that prevent over-development and reflect our community.

South of Eastern Employment Area
After our successful fight for good jobs in the studio district it’s time to look at the future types of employment we would like to see developed.