We represent a group living on Gerrard Street East (Little India) that is working actively to find creative and high impact ways to begin to revitalize a commercial strip that is undergoing tremendous change.   We are plagued with storefronts that are closing.   There is the beginning of a movement to change this and artists and other creative class that are willing to take chances can make a big impact.

On November 2nd, 3rd, we are looking to make a visual impact using “light” on the street for the Diwali Festival – which is the the “festival of lights”.  Another goal is that the work engage the community is some manner and get them ‘invested’ in the strip.  Perhaps lighting candles of some kind.  There are many young families in the area with kids that might like something along those lines.  We can offer our time, our help, and promotion of your work.  If this initial project is successful, it will lead to other opportunities for permanent work perhaps on the street.   There are a group of individuals that can work with you to make your art happen in the area.  City officials are also very supportive.  You would be among a few new pioneers in city and community building in the area.

Depending on what your ideas are, there may be small funding available for materials.

Please reach out to us.  No more than 2 artists will be chosen at this time, but we look forward to speaking with you on your ideas.  We need the help of of creative artists with a strong sense of civic pride.