June 7 2013: Feast in the East

feast in the east


Presented by Gerrard Art Space.

FEAST IN THE EAST is a monthly east end music, food & installation series.

This month features a gazpacho dinner by Brandon Lim & Gabrielle Cherron-Merritt.

ELRICHMAN (http://elrichman.bandcamp.com/)
Paul Erlichman’s of garage pop band Gay’s solo effort evokes the clever naiveté of Jonathan Richman, with a pop sensibility that is grand while still retaining it’s simplicity. His noodly guitar chords provide the perfect back drop for his story like lyricism.

AH! LA LATTRE! (http://ahlalettre.bandcamp.com/)
Gabrielle Cherron-Merritt is doing something we swore we’d never let anyone do again, cook & play the same feast. But at least she has a track record of multitasking. Know for her involvement in noise-punk band Teen Tits, Wild Wives and folk collective Orchards, her solo work is a mix of looped vocals, guitar, toys sounds & hand percussion. Building homes for her honest & sometime jarring folk songs, she creates a world all her own.

Layered folk songs build from acoustic guitar skeletons. Streams of drones and fuzz meander around Jacqueline’s carefully placed vocals, creating a spacious environs. Droned out textures merge with her voice.