June 11 2014: Fairmount Park Farm Market "Shake the Hand that Feeds You"

This week we take a step back from all of the exciting happenings at the market to re-focus on the reason we gather on Wednesdays in the park:


During one of our regular trips to a sister market in the east end, we were able to take the time to chat with growers and producers. Something that doesn’t always happen when we are running our market! How fortunate we are to be able to have conversations with the people who grow the food we eat. Those conversations help us to appreciate the process it takes to put that food on our table, the joy and hardship that comes from growing/producing it, and the benefit it brings to the folks in the field. How wonderful to leave those conversations feeling like you are part of something so intimate yet so important; to be part of a local food economy.

If you get a chance this week, take a minute to shake the hand that feeds you. Have a chat, find something unique to take home and share over dinner, and tell the story of its journey to your table.

Our vendor list, here, highlights some of the wonderful finds at the market this week. Enjoy!