July 6 2013: GAS presents Feast in the East


FEAST IN THE EAST is a monthly east end music, food & installation series.

This month features a BBQ dinner by Ryan Clark & Shaun Bowring.

ERIC CHENAUX (http://cstrecords.com/eric-chenaux)
Constellation Records’ guitarist & singer Eric Chenaux returns home to Toronto for a visit & a rare solo performance at Feast In The East. Gentle acoustic guitar notes stretch out & ripple underneath electric psych inspired meanderings. Eric’s voice weaves seamlessly among this textural landscape, like a silk sheet in the wind. Every movement subtle, yet beautiful. A storyteller from a slower time, a player from the jazz tradition melded into a psych folk form. Don’t miss what is sure to be a mesmerizing & intimate performance by one of Toronto’s, now Paris’ greats.

PETRA GLYNT (http://petraglynt.bandcamp.com/)
Alex MacKenzie’s solo project is some of her strongest work yet. Live percussion intermingles with drum machines, loops & mashed up samples. Alex’s voice is strong & demanding, as it dances in & out of her thumping bass loops and etherial vocal exercises. Drawing on the power of her building din, she conjures up a well of entrancing beat driven experimental soul jams.

CASTLE IF (castleif.bandcamp.com)
Toronto kraut synth manipulator Castle If extracts eerie tones from repetitive electronics. Her haunting soundscapes belong in some heavenly cold storage locker. Vocals almost hidden, slither amongst synth hums. The cold gurgling of the future, mixed with some entrancing nostalgia that won’t let you go.

BRODIE WEST (http://lornarecords.blogspot.ca/p/brodie-west.html)
Toronto sax man Brodie West has played with The Ex, Han Bennink, not to mention his involvement in Toronto ensembles Eucalyptus, Deep Dark United & Drumheller. His solo work shows a more reserved side of his playing. Almost inquisitive, he speaks through the horn as if composing a thought. Balancing his notes on each other so that they teeter for a second before deciding to move one way or the other. Weaving abstract walking rhythms into into transformative phrases, Brodie has a pedigreed swagger and pace that is all his own.

Environs by Emily Gove (http://emilygove.com/) & Jennie Suddick (http://www.jenniesuddick.com/).

All Ages!

Saturday July 6th @ 8pm.
$7 Adv at Circus Books & Music, The Film Buff, Soundscapes and Grasshopper Records.
$10 at the door

FREE dinner with adv. ticket!