July 24 2013: Moving Forward With Port Lands Revitalization

Please join us to discuss two Environmental Assessment (EA) Projects: the Don Mouth Naturalization and Port Lands Flood Protection and the Lower Don Lands Master Plan
Waterfront Toronto (WT), the City of Toronto, and Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) are amending and finalizing the Individual EA for the Don Mouth Naturalization and Port Lands Flood Protection Project (DMNP). Concurrently, the 2010 Class EA Lower Don Lands Master Plan (LDL MP) is being finalized to reflect the amendments that arose out of the Port Lands Acceleration Initiative 2012.

These two EAs represent key pieces in the revitalization of Toronto’s Port Lands. Their approval will enable the TRCA, the City of Toronto and Waterfront Toronto to move forward with the implementation of the flood protection and infrastructure works necessary to support the revitalization of the Port Lands and naturalization of the mouth of the Don River.

The pavilion at Corktown Common.The DMNP EA
The mouth of the Don River is one of Toronto’s great unrealized assets and the centrepiece of major revitalization initiatives on the waterfront. A plan has been developed that will integrate this incredible asset into the ecological and urban fabric of Toronto. The Individual EA for the DMNP will provide the basis for transforming the existing mouth of the Don River into a healthier, more naturalized river outlet to the lake, while at the same time, removing the risk of flooding to urban land to the east and south of the river. Once completed, the EA will be submitted to the Ministry of the Environment for review and approval.

The LDL MP EA is being carried out to reflect the amendments to the DMNP and will address all of the infrastructure needed to support the revitalization of the Lower Don Lands. The amended Master Plan will consider servicing (water, sanitary sewers and storm water management), streets and public transit in dedicated rights-of-way and will complete Phase 3 and 4 requirements of the Municipal Class EA for all Schedule C projects in the Lower Don Lands.

The Process
The proposed study areas for the EAs are shown on the map above. Key components of EAs include consultation with government agencies, Aboriginal communities and interested persons; consideration and evaluation of alternatives; and the management of potential environmental effects. Conducting an EA promotes good environmental planning before decisions are made about a proposal.

Get Involved
Your input into these important projects is critical. The Project Teams will be hosting a final public meeting for interested persons to participate in the EA planning process for both projects. We invite you to our public forum where you can learn more about updates to the projects, and share your thoughts on the refinements being considered. You will also be able to ask questions and speak directly with members of the project team, offer input and submit comments.

Public Meeting Details
Date: Wednesday, July 24, 2013
Time: Open House 6:00pm/Presentations 7:00pm
Location: EMS Training Centre (Toronto Fire Academy), 895 Eastern Avenue. See map.

For DMNP information contact: Michael Charendoff, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority at [email protected] /416-661-6600 Ext. 5280.

For information on the Lower Don Lands Master Plan EA please contact
[email protected]