Fitbot Studio

“Hello, my name is Joanne Bot,

I grew up in my teens without any weight issues or challenges but after age 25 my metabolism started to slow down and I noticed the slow creep of extra weight even though I hadn’t changed my eating habits or activity level and that’s when it became important to me to figure out how to control it.

I love helping and teaching people so I changed from a career in the financial services to one in health and beauty. My business was just a part time thing for about 6 years while I was in the beauty industry and at that time I finally took the leap to full time personal training. It’s been quite an exhilarating experience and I welcome you to take advantage of my knowledge and join me in changing your life!

Recently I’ve been blessed enough to open a small studio where i can continue to give that personal attention but help more people! Come by and visit anytime!

Below you will find my qualifications and background.

I believe everyone can make the changes they need in their life to live happier and healthier they just need the right coach!”
To provide quality, personable, accessible and achievable training and assessments that improve the health, well being and quality of life for our clients. To make regular activity fun and something that everyone can incorporate into their busy lives with motivation and education.

Diploma in Fitness and Nutrition (ICS)
Personal Trainer Specialist (Can Fit Pro)
CPR Heart Saver And First Aid
8 yrs Fitness Assessment experience
10 yrs Personal Training experience
4 yrs Pre and Post Natal experience
3 yrs  experience with teaching Nutrition and Weight Loss classes
Body toning and conditioning
Stabilization and Balance Training
Rowing and Running