Equinox Outdoor Kindergarten

Equinox Outdoor Kindergarten: Where the Concrete Ends!

We’re Canada’s first public outdoor kindergarten program, where children play and learn outside, regardless of the weather. In four years, we’ve established an incredible inquiry education-based program, founded on the work of our phenomenal teachers and our firm belief in the merits of outdoor education. But if you’ve watched our video, you know that our classroom is mostly concrete! Equinox Outdoor Kindergarten needs a naturalized outdoor space–especially as we kick off full-day junior and senior kindergarten this year.

Our future

Equinox’s outdoor kindergarten classroom will be transformed into a magical discovery area, complete with woodland gardens, a water garden, sandbox, miniature streams, stepping stones and a variety of trees.


All perks will be fulfilled at the close of the campaign, after June 24, 2013.  Contributors who make a $100 or $500 donation will be contacted at the end of the campaign to submit the name they would like to be engraved.

*Equinox Outdoor Kindergarten Committee does not reflect the views or opinions of the TDSB. If you have more questions, feedback, or other suggestions of how you can help, we’d love to hear from  you.

We thank all of our generous supporters for their time and contributions.

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