East Side Boom

EAST SIDE BOOM! is a music series in Toronto’s east side. It’s a top-notch live music thing. It’s a community and culture thing. It’s a monthly thing

In an effort to grow EVEN MORE good times here on the ‘east side’ – a new monthly music series – EAST SIDE BOOM – kicked-off at the Gerrard Art Space (GAS) Saturday November 17th, 2012.

Tune in and show up for great live music and good times in the “Little India” neighbourhood of Toronto.

Each show will bring audiences and performing artists together to celebrate a night of live-liness.

We intend to draw performers from various and diverse musical scenes around Toronto and across Ontario.

We intend to have this night act as a seed to grow more live music and culture throughout this neighbourhood.

If YOU have an interest in being a part of these nights, please drop us a line through our Facebook page.