East End Expert

Why work with an east end Toronto real estate expert?

Real estate in East Leslieville, Leslieville, the Beach, East York and Riverdale is a lot different from real estate in other areas of the city.

For example, in East Toronto real estate staging is frequently used to prepare homes for sale so they sell faster – and typically for more money – whereas in communities like Mississauga, Forest Hill and High Park, real estate staging is not as common.

East Toronto real estate is also different from street to street and block to block. Some neighbourhoods are “up and coming” (often the best place to find a fixer-upper), while others are more established (areas where homes consistently sell for top dollar). And yes, there are still a few neighbourhoods that you may want to avoid.

That’s why it is so important to work with a Realtor who specializes in your neighbourhood if you’re looking to buy or sell East Toronto real estate.

If you’re buying, a Realtor who’s a neighbourhood expert will:

• Know what makes some homes on a street worth more than others
• Know which streets and neighbourhoods are desirable – and which ones are not
• Know information about properties that aren’t listed yet – but will be coming on the market soon
• Know zoning laws – and restrictions – that may impact your renovation plans
• Know local schools, community organizations and whether crime is an issue in the area
• Know which home inspections are most commonly performed in certain areas

If you’re selling, a Realtor who’s a neighbourhood expert will:

• Know how to price your home more accurately so it doesn’t linger on the market
• Know what other properties are for sale in your area and how to make your property stand out
• Know neighbourhood features and amenities and how they affect your home’s value
• Know how to use the surrounding community to your advantage when selling your home to prospective buyers
• Know potential buyers for your property because they are focused in your neighbourhood

The bottom line?

Whether you’re buying or selling Toronto real estate in East Leslieville, Leslieville, the Beach, East York and Riverdale, it’s essential that you choose a Realtor who specializes in those neighbourhoods and knows them inside out. Being able to print out the latest sales prices for homes in a neighbourhood isn’t enough.

Having lived in this area for 30+ years, I know East Toronto intimately.

I can tell you where to find the best seamstress in East Leslieville, the best samosas in Little India, the best schools in East York, the best cafés in Riverdale, the best burgers in Leslieville, and the best bookstore and bakeries in the Beach.

If you’re buying, I can also show you where the best real estate deals can be found in those communities, which neighbourhoods have traditionally been the best long-term investments, and which pockets have real potential.

If you’re selling, I can show you how we can prepare and stage your home for sale and then promote it heavily to ensure that it sells for the highest amount possible – in the least amount of time.

Buying or selling a home are two of the biggest financial transactions most of us deal with in our lives. Isn’t it worth ensuring that the Realtor you choose to work with is a proven expert who knows the neighbourhood inside out?