Crow's Theatre


To ignite passionate and enduring engagement between our audiences and artists by creating, producing and promoting unforgettable theatre that examines and illuminates the pivotal narratives of our times.


We seed projects and collaborations with artists and companies that are engaged in the examination of our culture’s pivotal narratives in ways that are direct yet complex, entertaining and challenging; a process that happily and constantly leads us to reconsider, re-imagine and redefinethe possibilities of the theatre and the world that we make.

Crow’s commits to a long-term artistic process. We provide an appropriate gestation period, with multiple moments of audience engagement, so that each work grows and is informed through its resonance with the public.

Crow’s values quality over quantity, only programming and planning events that can be delivered with rigour, precision, intelligence and beauty.

We only create work with strong potential to live beyond its premiere production. We  extend the life of the work that we create through co-production, touring, remounts or promoting and brokering new productions by other companies.

We actively seek out expertise outside of the theatre milieu in order to identify or understand stories that are of vital and pressing concern for our audience and artists.

Administrative Offices:
696 Queen Street East, Suite 2C
Toronto, Ontario / M4M 1G9
Office: (647) 341-7390

General Inquiries:
info [at]

Chris Abraham Artistic Director
chris [at]

Monica Esteves Managing Director
monica [at]

Eric Goldstein Producer and General Manager
eric [at]

Mitchell Cushman Associate Artistic Director
mitchell [at]

Katherine Devlin Associate Producer
kat [at]


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