August 7 2013: Fairmount Park Farm Market

BYOB/Bring your own Books, Book Activities and Beyond

So hard to believe it’s August already and even harder to believe we are only 4 days into our market season! It feels as if it has been part of our neighbourhood forever.

In the 3 weeks of market there have been many highlights:
-first and foremost the un-waivering support of our farmers and vendors
-the hard-working group of volunteer students that we have amassed
-the routines that have fallen into place particularly around setup and teardown – 15 minutes quicker every week!
-the surprise volunteers who just show up and take on a job with immense pride in their community
-the sponsors and supporters who grow week by week
-and so much more, every day brings a new gift.

Feedback from the community is wonderful – fresh, local food at our doorstep, seeing the neighbours out and about, sharing community resources and listening to great music. The vendors LOVE our community. We show up early, help unload, setup, tear down. We value our youth and they value the opportunity to be involved in something big and new! We are creative, we play great music and we love food. The enthusiasm is rewarding…all positive comments from our vendors.

We still need to spread the word – and old school way of mouth is best! So keep talking about us!

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